The year is 2431. The 11 nations of Earth are in the midst of an interplanetary struggle, hellbent on obtaining as many planetary colonies as possible to expand their territory, resources, military strength, and wealth. This frenzy is affecting life on Earth as well, leaving the planet in a World War made up of uneasy alliances and double-crossing left in perpetual stalemate.

You are a resident of New Tennessee, one of the 62 provinces of the American Federation. You have received a conscription notice that states that you are slated to serve in the Space Corps branch of the American Federation Military. You are instructed to report to your local Military Processing Station in Murfreesboro in within 30 days. That was 25 days ago.

What will you do?

> I love my country, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to serve my people! I'll join the Space Corps!

> No! I'm not willing to potentially die for this! I'll plead for exemption!

> Maybe if I act like I didn't receive a notice, no one will come for me...